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We all know that online privacy and PC security is one of the industry’s main hot topics for 2014 as it continues to be enhanced, improved, and constantly updated. We have many reviews on similar tools for fixing your computer, but you’ve never seen a solution quite like this before.

What makes it so special?

One of the major strengths worth mentioning about PC Utilities Pro’s software, Optimizer Pro, is that it doesn’t collect your personal data and information details and it keeps you truly secure. With the new era of Big Data being born, it seems like everyone is trying to monitor how their products are being used and by whom. Of course you will need your online credentials in order to purchase this amazing tool, but this is a 100% secure transfer just like standard any online purchase. The best part about using Optimizer Pro is that you can easily make backup and restore points so that you can play around with your PC and never worry about data being leaked or lost.

First time users of Optimizer Pro

If this is your first time using the software tool, Optimizer Pro, you will be prompted to scan your PC for issues. This deep system scan will then report back to you with all the necessary information on how to improve your PC’s performance. Be sure that you register for a license key in order to get the full benefit of the system scan. All registered users are able to schedule regular scans and be alerted when an issue is detected. You can also quickly update your system drivers with Driver Pro, a tool that makes sure you have the most recent drivers installed on you PC, for much more speed and a smoother work flow.

Benefits of using PC Utilities Pro

Stay secure and fully protected without sacrificing PC performance and functionality.

• 24/7 Live Support

• Work quicker and more efficiently

• Clear cluttered and invalid, obsolete data

• Speed up Windows and fix any detected issues

• Super simple setup, create backup and restore points

• Update Windows Microsoft Registry settings and options

• Cleanup, optimize, and compress your system registry files

• Improve the overall speed and performance of your computer


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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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