Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers

Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers

Prayer times for more than 25,000 World cities

What our users think

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  • Simple to calculate prayer times
  • Choice of Azan sounds
  • Highly customizable


  • User interface is a bit ugly

Softonic Review


If you're looking for a way to get prayer time reminders on your BlackBerry then Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers could be just the program for you.

Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers can be used to listen to Azan at every prayer time, five times per day on your phone. Setting up the app is very easy. You simply select your country and city from the huge database, then you can choose the prayer alerts you want to receive, along with the Azan sound you want to be played (Makkah Azan, Egypt Azan, Short Azan, or Beep).

There are lots of other options you can tinker with in Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers. Besides changing the location, you can view the Qiblah and check the Hirjri date, as well as check calculation methods and add any date prayer times.

In terms of the functions it offers, there isn't much to fault in Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers. I would mark the application down a bit in terms of its presentation, as the main background image and interface color scheme is a little tacky.

On the whole though, Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers is an excellent way to keep up with prayer times while you're on the move.

App specs

BlackBerry 3.8, BlackBerry 4.0, BlackBerry 4.1, BlackBerry 4.2, BlackBerry 4.5, BlackBerry 4.7, BlackBerry 4.3, BlackBerry 4.6, BlackBerry 5.0, BlackBerry 6.0
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