Google Chrome for Windows 8

Google's browser comes to Windows 8


Google Chrome makes its debut on Windows 8, showing Google's commitment to providing a rich Metro-style browser for the new operating system.

This very early developer version of Google Chrome gives us a glimpse into the future of a touch-friendly Chrome. To install this version, users will have to go to the developer channel and download Google Chrome from there. Make sure to check the box for "Make Google Chrome my default browser" to enable its Metro interface.

This developer version of Google Chrome for Metro will immediately be familiar. It looks almost identical to the desktop version of Google Chrome but simplifies things with a bigger menu button on the top right. From there, you can access all of the preferences and settings that you would get from the desktop version of Chrome. This is where Google Chrome for Metro begins to show its sloppiness. The settings buttons are bigger, but aren't as touch-friendly as Internet Explorer for Metro.

One of the best features of Google Chrome for Metro is full Adobe Flash support. As with all other variations of Google Chrome, Flash is baked right into the browser so no additional downloads are needed. Internet Explorer for Metro, on the other hand, features a watered-down version of Flash that only works on certain sites.

Google's developers have a long way to go to make Google Chrome for Metro feel like a native application. As it stands, this is a very early port of Chrome that hasn't put much thought into design.

Pros +
  • Speedy performance
  • Full featured
  • Full Adobe Flash installed
Cons -
  • Design doesn't adhere to Metro aesthetic
  • Not touch friendly


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