Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

Sync your Google and Outlook calendars

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  • 'PuterGuy

    "Best option until Microsoft gets API compliant"

  • bvdk

    "good for google calendar - bad for outlook calendar"


  • Three ways to keep calendar synced
  • Events are fully editable in Google Calendar


  • Doesn't seem to work with shared calendars

Softonic Review


If you like Google Calendar but the only supported calendar at work is the Microsoft Outlook one, this tool is going to make your life much easier.

Google Calendar Sync is a software app developed by the Google team with which you can sync events between your Google Calendar and the Microsoft Outlook calendar. Synchronization works in several ways: either one-way from Google to Outlook, one-way from Outlook to Google or two-way between both apps.

When installing Google Calendar Sync you'll need to close Microsoft Outlook and also provide your username and password for your Google account. Once you've done that you're pretty much ready to go. Google Calendar Sync shows an icon on the system tray (which is really not that informative) and can be set to synchronize events according to a customized period of time. Also, events are fully editable inside Google Calendar's web interface.

On the downside, all the events I had in shared calendars were not successfully synced so I guess it only works with your own personal calendars.

Despite not working with shared calendars, Google Calendar Sync is still a very handy tool to keep both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar fully synced.

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Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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