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  • sbd1

    "PhoneTorch 2.0"


  • Lets you turn on your LED at any time
  • Simple to use
  • Permits constant backlight display


  • Morse code feature isn't always reliable
  • Just two colors of light to choose from

Softonic Review


PhoneTorch is the perfect app to guide you in the dark, providing you with illumination via your phone's screen and camera flash.

PhoneTorch lets you turn on the LED light on your camera with a simple press of the large Start/Stop button, providing an intense beam of light to guide the way. Alternatively, you can turn on the phone's LCD display in full screen for a fuller light. You get a choice of two colors (white or red) for the light.

Another neat feature of PhoneTorch is its Morse utility, which allows you to spell words out in Morse code through your camera LED. Just tap the 'Morse' button, add the text you want to display and PhoneTorch will start flashing the message. Unfortunately, in our tests, this function wasn't very reliable and a few times the feature crashed.

There are a few seconds to play with in PhoneTorch, such as the update interval, Morse interval and the ability to auto-turn on the light when you power up your phone.

It's a shame there aren't more different colored lights, but on the whole PhoneTorch offers a very practical way to see where your going in the dark.

App specs

Symbian ^1
(S60 5th) 1.0.3
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