Softonic (for Windows 8)

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Softonic (for Windows 8) is a Modern UI app that helps you discover and research applications.

While the Windows Store has its own application recommendations and top lists, it doesn't really offer rich content to help you make your decision on which app to download. Softonic (for Windows 8) helps in this regard by providing full access to Softonic's written and photo content so you can make better choices about what to download.

Softonic (for Windows 8)'s interface is simple. On the home page, you'll find the top programs featured on Softonic. Swipe to the left and you'll reveal software categories, as well as top lists for you to explore. Top Software titles are presented as tiles with visible star ratings. Tap on one to read and view all the content available.

The strength of Softonic (for Windows 8) comes from the content generated by our editors. Read our full reviews and view screenshots with ease. Unfortunately, Softonic (for Windows 8) doesn't have the ability to show video in this early version.

There are also some interface inconsistencies in Softonic for Windows 8. While comments can be viewed, they can't be created and are often cut off. While it's nice that Softonic (for Windows 8) includes top lists, it would be even better to include software lists created by editors like in the Softonic for Windows application. Due to Microsoft's policies, apps cannot offer direct downloads. Instead, you have to click through to access the Softonic website in a browser and download apps from there.

Overall, Softonic (for Windows 8) is a app to explore software but its feature set needs work.

Pros +
  • Quick search
  • Helpful top lists
  • Access to full reviews of apps
Cons -
  • Can't view video content
  • No ability to make comments
  • No direct downloads from within the app


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