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WhatsApp Messenger allows you to send text messages, as well as images, video and audio, using your mobile device's Internet connection.

Powerful and complete alternative to SMS

WhatsApp Messenger replaces traditional SMS messaging with a free instant messaging system over 3G/4G or WiFi. 

With WhatsApp Messenger you can speak with your friends through a classic chat-style interface. You can chat with just one person, or several contacts at once, up-to groups of 30 people. It's a good way to save sending lots of messages and to communicate quickly with several people at once.

In terms of options, WhatsApp Messenger allows you to send photos, audio files, and videos to your contacts. You can also share a map of your current locations or details of one of your contacts.

Of course, emoticons are an important part of any chat app, and WhatsApp Messenger comes with plenty. You can use those that come with the app, or install new WhatsApp emoticons through applications such as Smileys for Chat.

Users can edit images and photos before sending them to friends. The image editing features include rotate, crop and add notes, as well as adding comments and captions. Users can also now archive conversations and message storage reliability has been improved.

One of the most notable recent additions to WhatsApp Messenger is its Push to Talk messaging feature. In the style of a walkie talkie, WhatsApp adds the option to record and share voice messages in real time, be they large or small. It's the same type of function offered by apps such as Voxer and Zello.

Another recent edition is WhatsApp Messenger's support of Android's smart watch operating system, Android Wear. So if you have an Android Wear watch can now check your messages without having to take your phone out. The feature supports long message viewing, stacked messages with slide navigation, and the standard reply via voice option.

How does WhatsApp work?

Chatting with WhatsApp Messenger requires both you and your contact have the application installed. Once you've installed the app on your device, you can see straight away which of your contacts are using WhatsApp, then start chatting to them.

It's worth mentioning that although the sending of messages is free in WhatsApp Messenger, the application requires to pay a subscription fee of 99 cents per year after the first year.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular messaging network, and you're probably more likely to find other friends who use it than who use other rival messaging apps. This is a generalization of course, and it could be that you have more friends using apps like KakaoTalk, LINE, Kik Messenger, or Viber. These apps behave more or less the same as WhatsApp Messenger but have their own distinct features and quirks. It's worth checking out our reviews of these apps to find out how they differ.

What's new in the latest version?

WhatsApp has introduced what is likely to be a very controversial (but much requested) feature: the ability to see when the messages you sent have been read. Two blue ticks mean that your message has been read by the recipient or that all recipients in a group have read the message.

Get the latest version of WhatsApp

You should note that the version of WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play is not always the most up-to-date. We recommend that you consult the official web site to get the latest version of WhatsApp.

A simple way to chat for free

There are many similar apps to WhatsApp Messenger out there, and some are even better. Yet, such is the popularity of WhatsApp that it is an essential download for your mobile.

Pros +
  • Lets you send photos, audio, video, and links
  • Send free text messages
  • Group messaging
  • Works across different platforms
  • Very popular
Cons -
  • Only works if the other person has the app


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