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  • marblexavier

    "Nag popup killed it for me"

  • Albadr

    " Fabulous for Facebook is the best."


  • 10 personalization options
  • Ad-blocker
  • Save a new friends list


  • The cursor change option doesn't work

Softonic Review


Fabulous is a complete customization extension for Facebook.

You can block ads, change the background image, change the style and size of the writing and more - it's all offered by Fabulous to give a new lease of life to your Facebook profile.

10 options for personalizing your Facebook profile

With Fabulous, you can change the look of your Facebook profile quite radically with 10 options.

The first extension allows you to block the advertising that tends to dominate the interface. Next, options are available to change the color of the header, add a background image and change the style and size of the font. Fabulous also controls the notifications when you receive a message. You can hide the pop-up, silence the alarm or change the sound.

Fabulous does not stop there - far from it - it also offers a new image viewer as well as the ability to view videos outside of RSS feeds. You can also choose to adopt a more rounded style with an option to change the appearance of the search bar and profile pictures. In addition, Fabulous allow you to change the appearance of the cursor and extend your news feed display, hiding the left menu and the advertising as well as the RSS feed on the right.

Finally, to end this long list of features, Fabulous incorporates an interesting option for pinning your Facebook friends in a bar on the left. You'll have quick and easy access to their profiles.

Interface extension

Fabulous is accessible through a button located in the Chrome Omnibar when you open Facebook. The extension opens a pop-up window from which you can check and uncheck the options you want and adapt their settings. When a change is made, the result is immediately visible, making it easy to adjust the opt

A complete customization extension

Extensions to customize Facebook abound on the Chrome Web Store, but few offer as many options as Fabulous. The extension allows you to play with enough parameters to give you a really good shot at refreshing your Facebook profile, so you can compensate for the total lack of customization options on Facebook.

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App specs

English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese Simp, Chinese Trad, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
(Google Chrome) 28.6
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