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Football Manager 2013

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  • herdul.vicente

    "the greatest fotball manager"


  • Realistic managerial situations
  • Good graphics
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Real player names and teams
  • Network Play


  • A lot of things to keep on top of!

Softonic Review


Football Manager 2013 is the latest and promises to be the greatest version in the Football Manager series now available through Steam.

Football Manager 2013 features over 50 international teams to choose from and around half a million real life players and managers. Your mission is quite simply to manage your football club to victory in international and domestic competitions.

There are many other features various enhancements in Football Manager 2013 such as a new graphics engine, which improves the movements of the players during matches and makes everything more realistic. There is more detail in the gameplay too such as weather conditions which can change the outcome of a game. The characteristics of both players and game conditions in Football Manager 2013 have been refined and there is more detail such as the addition of Directors of Football and full coaching staff.

You can play Football Manager 2013 in two modes - Classic and Challenge Mode. Classic basically means less responsibilities and things to keep track of so its easier to play. Challenge is just like the real thing and involves genuine stress. Plus new to Steam - Network Play so you can pit your wits against your friends in your own private leagues and cups.

There are new players to buy in Football Manager 2013 and you can now choose to pay either in cash or installments. As well as balancing the books however, you must also put together a coaching staff that's able to take your team to the top. You also have to keep and eye on the news surrounding other clubs and even maintain good relations with the Press. very importantly, its relationship with the press.

Football Manager 2013 is a superb soccer management sim that fans of the Football Manager franchise won't be disappointed by.

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