Google Maps for mobile

Google Maps for mobile

Enjoy Google Maps from your mobile

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  • Anoinymous

    "No more ease with mark of many places (stars)."

  • nhow

    "No go on Sony 810i"


  • Powerful search
  • Stores favourite locations
  • Integrates with GPS to show your position
  • Intuitive zoom


  • Local information not available everywhere

Softonic Review


Google Maps for mobile lets you carry the power of Google Maps in your pocket, so you don't get lost on your travels.

It's not always practical to carry a map around with you to help you get to where your going. If you find yourself getting lost on a regular basis, or if you're a keen traveler then Google Maps for mobile is the one for you. Besides offering digital urban road maps and satellite views, Google Maps for mobile furnishes you with a bevy of other cool features.

Built on the popular online app, Google Maps for mobile includes an address search with location determination and a built-in route planner. The zoom function is arguably easier to handle than on a PC, through clever use of the joystick or soft keys. If you have GPS functionality on your phone, then Google Maps for mobile is even better because it can show you your current position on the screen.

The search in Google Maps for mobile is as straightforward as ever and also allows you to look for points of interest such as cinemas, shops or restaurants, although the frequency of these will vary depending on where in the World you're looking at. You can even program your own favorites, so that you never need to forget where that nice bar you visited was. The latest version of the app now comes with Street View, so you can get a really close view of major cities.

Provided you have flat rate Internet access on your phone to cover the large amount of data it downloads, Google Maps for mobile represents the perfect way to ensure you always know where you're going.

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