HDD Low Level Format Tool

HDD Low Level Format Tool

Clean Up Your Drives with HDD Low Level Format Tool

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  • pompiliusngerean

    "Fvcking USELESS"


  • Totally wipe and reset drives.
  • Works with most interfaces.
  • Can format flash drives.


  • Speed limited in the free trial.

Softonic Review


Security and privacy are a growing concern for computer users. Knowing that we use our computers for all manner of personal business from accounting to keeping private documents data thieves will sometimes scour old second hand or discarded drives for data. Formatting won?t always do the trick and with these concerns in mind not to mention general maintenance tasks software like HDD Low Level Format Tool has been developed to perform a more thorough cleanse. There?s even a free trial mode on offer.

Reset Your Drive to Zero

HDD Low Level Format Tool performs a low-level format meaning that it not only deletes information but effectively physically resets the drive leaving it with empty platters. This makes it very hard indeed for data to be recovered. This is a tool for use on older drives so while it may not be useful to users of modern equipment it could make old computers safe for re-use or sale. This software supports all the major interfaces like SATA USB and IDE as well as almost all manufacturers. The software also support flash cards useful if you transfer private data often.

Old School Tool

HDD Low Level Format Tool is very powerful and will certainly wipe drives but may not be suitable for newer models. It?s probably of most use to computer repair shops and recyclers. The free trial is limited at 50mb/s speed but you can buy a very cheap license for more.

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