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Pdf995 is a free PDF creator that lets you print to the format from any application.

Pdf995 is a very easy and affordable way to create professional-quality documents in PDF format. There's little more to it other than selecting "print" from any application that you may be working on (such as Microsoft Word) and then creating a PDF file which can be used on any computer with a PDF reader.

Pdf995 supports network file saving, shared printing, custom page sizing and large format printing, which means that its a suitable for making posters and promotional material. Pdf995 works by creating a virtual printer device from any application, meaning it's accessible from any program you may be working in.

It is the sheer number of features in Pdf995 that really impresses though, including automatic insertion of embedded links, creation of hierarchical bookmarks, support for Digital Signatures (making it a secure option too) and you can even combine several PDF's into one PDF for really big documents.

As you go through your PDF document editing it, you can also leave sticky notes through Pdf995 to illustrate what you've changed or what you'd like changing to other users, which provides a very visible and easy to use editing system.

An incredibly versatile and powerful PDF maker, Pdf995 is one of the most comprehensive solutions out there although it's editing options are a bit limited.

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