Rail Simulator

Rail Simulator

Be a train driver for a day

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  • Realistic effects, controls and graphics


  • Missions can be rather tedious

Softonic Review


If you were ever a trainspotter or just want to see what driving a train is really like, then you'll love Rail Simulator. It might not be glamorous but there's no denying that this is a stunningly realistic simulator with lots of great features.

In Rail Simulator, you can choose from contemporary and historic trains on three levels of driving difficulty. Each train can be driven in easy, intermediate or expert mode. Easy provides a wonderful “install and go” experience which allows even novice drivers to experience the thrill of train driving. Expert mode is for professionals only - you won't even get out of the station if you're not.

Rail Simulator has Passenger and Freight mode with hours of missions which do get a bit boring but this game is all about the realism, not thrills and spills. However, meeting the demands of a busy commuter train or collecting the components of a freight train are certainly challenging tasks. If you prefer a more leisurely approach, free-roam allows to you explore the routes at your own pace.

Rail Simulator is a great game that might not be big on adventure but is sure to thrill train enthusiasts everywhere..

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