Minecraft meets Halo in this epic game

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  • Fun game play
  • Fully manipulable environments
  • Intense shooting action
  • Requires defense strategies


  • Requires powerful computer
  • Inconsistent graphics
  • No multiplayer or co-op yet

Softonic Review


StarForge is an action/adventure game that gives players complete control over the game's environment in order to prepare for an alien invasion.

StarForge blends elements from both Minecraft and the Halo franchises. Just like Minecraft, StarForge has fully manipulable environments. Players can carve tunnels, build platforms and set up weapons to protect their base. StarForge borrows elements from the Halo franchise with its first person shooter aesthetic, as well as having vehicles in the game that resemble those in Halo. Players can even fly into space, opening up a whole new mechanic to the game.

Players will spend a majority of their time preparing for the alien onslaught. Prepare your base by building up walls, putting up spotlights, and placing weapons for the best defense. From the very beginning, all weapons and structures are available to you to build up your base. While Minecraft has Creepers, StarForge has face-eating flying aliens.

Performance and graphics largely depend on your machine. This early alpha of the game requires a decently powerful computer to render its lush environments and to support its rag doll physics. The graphics in StarForge are stunningly beautiful, but players will find that they can also look crunchy at times.

Overall, StarForge is a very promising game with an already-huge fan base. The developers have the right idea and should be able to improve performance and game play in future versions.

App specs

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Very Early Alpha 0.100
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