The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Save New York as Spider-Man

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  • jhiand

    "Worst amazing spider-man ever."


  • Good graphics
  • Use Spider-Man's powers


  • Repetitive

Softonic Review


The Amazing Spider-Man is a movie tie-in game for BlackBerry.

Mirroring the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man is an interactive way to experience what Spider-Man goes through. The game adds extra villains, like Sandman and Venom, as well as includes the Lizard.

As a side-scrolling game, you move through levels in a classic action adventure game, beating up enemies until you reach a boss at the end of the level. You are also able to use Spider-Man’s powers, like climbing and traveling between buildings.

The graphics are good and allow you to move in a 3D space even though it is a linear experience. The variety of enemies in The Amazing Spider-Man changes how you have to attack to win. It can get repetitive having to simply beat everyone up however.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a good movie game, but does not offer a lot of replayability.

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